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Mr T. Dances...The coolest picture ever!!!

(click here for the full video!)

Mr.T Break Dances... I pity da fool! Click here for more of Mr.T

(click here for a video about respecting your mother, also from our favorite:

Mr T. - I pity the fool!)


The second coolest picture (animated GIF) ever... Damn, why can't we all dance like Jean Claude Van Damme!!!

(click here for the full video!)


Van Dam Dances! Click here for more of VanDamme Dancing!

Dude, just don't get caught like this guy... D'oh! (courtesy of BadBoyJames)

superglued dude! Click here for more action!

A Nightmare in Oakland

obama-palin: dancing stars!

Barack Obama -The Groovy President


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Russian foot race in stilletos - sassy!

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The Way Back Machine - click here to search Google Circa the year 1999!

The Oakridge Boys perform "Elvira" on the CMA's in 1981 - Nuff Said

John McCain jammin' on the drumset - the dude has chops!!!

Knight Rider en Espanol - hilarious!

CrankCalling - Presidential Nominee's soundboard - be John McCain or Barrack Obama here!

Speaking of Crankcalls - classic Schwarzenegger cranks Gateway call

Jean Claude Van Damme is in a movie - about himself! - Click here for the trailer

JCVD - appearing on a TV show, dancing with a hot chick - and well let's just say something comes up!!!


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